I'm having problems getting a file to associate its self with it's program. I've tried all the methods that you would typically follow to fix this and it doesn't work. I found a method with edits the registry, that didn't work either. I hope someone can help me fix this ?

might help if we knew the program and filetype,where the file came from ,did you create the file with the program or download the file


what about the rest of my ?'s
did you create the file with fotoshop ,what is the file extention of the file in question or is it more that one file

try opening photo shop,open the file in question ,then go to file in toolbar and chose save as and save file lets say to the desktop for quick access , close photo shop ,go to desktop and click on saved file ,see if it opens in photoshop

I've tried all of those suggestions that is why I posted.

Photoshop only read files that associated to it. Like image files with extension like e.g .jpg, .psd, .tif etc. If your file is not an image file. I think you won't be able to link it to Photoshop at all. Maybe you could provide more information about the file than maybe someone could help.

I've tried all of those suggestions that is why I posted.

so why didn't you say that in your first post

i accidently opened an exe file with vlc player and ma pc'c total file association has been changed..i tried uninstalling vlc and editing system registry using web help.but nothing works.when i am opening an exe file,system cant run it and shows an "open with" dialogue box!!! i am using windows7.