Ive been tryna do this for couple of months but didnt get any good results so i decided to ask you guys.
I have a 12 yrs old girl with her own laptop in her own room. Since I got the pc for her, she started acting strange, so at this point I wanna access her pc while shes on it. I tried couple of softwares but didnt help me at all. Is there any software that can help me with this?
I tried one program and when I attempt to access my daughters pc, it asked me for username and password for her pc. But I know she didnt lock her laptop.

It would be great if you guys can help me. Thanks

think you should just take the laptop and only let her use it in the living room where others are with her ,afterall she is only 12

You could set up Team Viewer to monitor her PC. Google will find it!

You could also add WOT and set up it's parental controls. Again, google will find it!

one would assume team viewer would need imput from other computer user to allow access,or it would be conciderd hacking ,in my opinion

It's remote control and remote viewing software, not hacking software. Have a look at it!!!!

Team Viewer requires the full cooperation of the user of the computer being monitored. Hence Team in TeamViewer.
What you need to do what you are thinking of, ie.. snoop...is a network sniffer like Cain. Better still is to get to know your daughter, get more involved in her life. And do what caper advises. It can be a risky, slimy place for an impressionable child. She will move on from pictures of fairies and horses.

It's remote control and remote viewing software, not hacking software. Have a look at it!!!!

i didn't say it was a hcking tool ,i said if it didn't require imput from the owner of the other computer ,then i would consider it a hacking tool,
if i had this software there is no way i could see what you were doing on you computer with out you having the same softwear on your comuter and getting your say so to view your computer ,correct.

the father is looking to watch his daughters usage with out her knowning he's watching her ,i have a daughter and would neve spy on her, if i had concerns i would take laptop from her, or make her use it only when she was in the same room as i was .

You are correct, caper... I use TV occasionally, it requires the target user to dl a component, they must give you their TV passkey, they can watch what you do, they have full termination control.
Easier, nicer, to knock on the door and have a pleasant, helpful, friendly chat.

You said that her cp is unlocked. Did you try to check the " history " of the machine?

internet explorer=Ctrl+Shift+H
firefox hit history.
This would show you the websites visited, but will not monitor live.

You don't need her permission to connect with team viewer. When you install it on her computer, set up a free account on the Team Viewer site and set TV to autoload into Windows. Install on your computer and use the same registration information. This will allow you to connect on demand. However, she will get an indication on her monitor that you are connected so if she is doing something she shouldn't otta then she will just stop doing it. You might try RealVNC. There is a free version available at


It's been a few years since I used it but I think it will be more like what you are looking for.

Before installing, check to see if both computers are on the same workgroup.

the free version is almost useless,for most !

"You don't need her permission to connect with team viewer. When you install it on her computer,...".
Sounds to me like her permission was obtained to do just that. girls used to love those locked diaries, I bet kids have passwords and are savvy about it all. TV was never meant to be a snoop software. I guess that's why it is called Team Viewer. There are other softwares that could be called Snoop Dog.

When I use the word "permission" I am speaking strictly in the computer/user sense of the word. I mean he can set it up so that he can connect without her authorization. I don't make any judgment on the morality of snooping. If I had a 12 year old daughter who started acting strange after she got her own PC in a private room with no supervision I would be very concerned. I would want to monitor to see if she is being manipulated by a stranger in a chat room or sending/receiving/viewing inappropriate material. That's not snooping; that's good parenting. This parent has observed a personality change and is not just writing it off as a phase.

try to install cafesuite software you can monitor their PC using that software u can download it Free......

I set up a test system. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1720 running Windows 7 Pro ( I already had a vmWare virtual Windows XP Pro environment ( I installed the RealVNC server on the vmWare machine and added as a client. I installed the vVNC viewer on the Dell. I was able to connect (invisibly) to the XP machine in viewer only mode. The connection was fast and seamless. I don't see how you can call the free version useless.

Cafesuite is NOT free. It is a 30 day trial!

I don't see how you can call the free version useless.

my post was just based on a quick look at the website and the limitations of the free version,Viewer only ,and i actually said "for most!!
having said that i guess after a closer look at website and your last post ] it would be fine for the OP to used on his daughters computer ,

i never let my daughter have a computer in here room when she was 12 ,we all shared the same computer in the family room ,until she was 15 or 16, "

wonder where the OP went ,maybe he took his daughter out for ice cream

All things considered, I agree. Computer in a public area is best.