This is a cool windows xp trick i found out by which you can hide your files under a picture.

Follow these steps -->

1. First select the files you want to hide.

2. Right-click the files and select "Add to archive" i.e compress the files to zip or rar.

3. Place the compressed file and the picture in which files will e hidden in E:\ or D:\ or C:\ , this does'nt play any role but will be easier to find the files.

4. Now go to Start->Run or simply press Win+R , type cmd ,this will open command prompt.

5. Now go to the directory in which you placed the files in my case it is E: so i typed E:

6. Now we are in E: drive so type the below code , here my file names are test.jpg and

<strong>copy /b "test.jpg"+'" new.jpg </strong>

Thats it you are done the above code has created a file with name new.jpg , when you double-click it the picture will open but when you right-click it and select open with -> winrar your hidden files will be seen

Copy is a DOS command which can copy , create , and append files.
The "+" is an operator which joins two files.
For more info just type "help copy" in command prompt.
Here we have created a picture but you can create any file just take care of file extensions.

A bit of fun.. :)
True, it does not have to be a picture, any file will do. You can, for example, hide a compressed txt file in another txt file:
copy /b viztext.txt+hiddentext.rar
-the second is appended to the first. But on opening viztext.txt you will see the RAR gibberish, so it's not exactly hidden, the gibberish being tagged as RAR. Your picture idea is best.

how to find encrypted document

means what type of encrypted doc

google for steganography. this technique is called steganography. U think its a trick, but there r so many other encryptors also to do this trick. And btw, only way to find is to check the size and the headers

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