hi all,
Problem:I have a software, I have to handle system abrupt shutdown while in my software execution.

I am executing my software in windows xp. Every time to execute it will take ~45sec. While in software execution, i will create some temp files. In the execution process machine shutdowns abruptly ( due to power off) and after you start the machine i did not find my temp files in local machines!!!! :( I need these files to recover my software.)

My question is,
How/Where can i create/store the temp files such away that after abrupt shutdown and restart those files will be present in my machine!!!


Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
I am not sure what you have done, if you saved the files they should still be there if you did not save anything, they are lost forever. If saved programs or files disappeared try downloading and running Reuva,
But it will not find an unsaved file.
The answer to the last part of the question:- You can save them where ever you like, but they must be saved regularly, If you are using Office Word, it automatically saves files you are working on at a pre-set period. You can alter that time if you want to save more often.

doing sumpthing way over my head ,wow, post is like reading a riddle and trying to solve it .