Hi Friends
Found this icon on the desktop - Wgtvsdzmkk.tmp - I delete it and it appears again when I next start PC. Is this something to worry about? Any commentsappreciated. PC is on good old XP. Thanks all, Tez

Likely a malware file. Download MBAM, update and run a Quick scan, ensure all it finds has a checkmark and choose to remove all. Reboot if MBAM requests it.
Please report back on your findings.

The file you mentioned above is definatly a malware file-epesially if it appears again upon delete.the file is a "temporary file" as well meaning it may not be their for long you should find the malware and kill it soon! If MBAM doen't find it, I used a tool calle "McAfee Stinger" google that and download it (That stinger tool has helped me kill that conficker worm and many others before.) But try MBAM first!

Good Luck!


If you have not yet removed it and it still comes back, turn off the restore before you use the tool to remove it, then remove. Then shut down restart and reset the restore.
Sometimes virus/malware hides in the restore cabinets and will come back unless the restore is turned off to remove it.