I have recently installed windows 7 on an older compaq presario and now I don't have any sound or internet.
The ethernet driver is missing and the sound drivers are missing.
I've checked on the compaq site, and they have drivers for windows xp that I've downloaded and tried to install, but the pc wont recognize.
I searched asus's site for driver updates for windows 7 and no luck there.

motherboard is k8s-la asus
Please help.

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Currently Window 7 doesn't work well with older hardware so you may as well revert back to Window XP which it was original build on.


Vista is even worst on old hardware. Please take note of the minimum hardware requirement before you install Vista. Hope your Window 7 and Vista is an original copy and if you use Window 7 OEM or Vista OEM. You are not allow to install on older machine according to the copyright act. OEM means is pre install on new hardware straight from factory. Please refrain from using any pirated copy as they maybe infested with virus and we won't be able to help you any further.

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