Hi all friend now i have one problem and i want all of you help me.
The problem is dat my pc when i shut down .it always show a massage call waiting for the background to close .what is dat .any advice would be appreciate it.Thx all friend

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Very often, Bugs in the hardware drivers cause most shutdown difficulties. Users deriving services through remote desktop connection may also face difficulties if their are errors in the terminal services. If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, the most important thing to speed up your PC is to select "start" then "Run" after that type "gpedit.msc" and press enter. Updation of service pack is also essential if you are using Windows XP operating system. Just try using these options It may surely be helpful to you.

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i get the same thing sometimes ,only last for a few seconds ,never thought of it as a problem , try changing you desktop background picture to none or if you are using a picture from your mypicture folder try using one from the list of windows ones ,right click on the desktop go to personalize


Maybe you can check whether there is any software update when you shutdown computer. Check also what software like auto scanning for virus, malyware or spyware. If there is than it will try to terminate the program before shutting down to prevent any lost of data.

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