Hello Everyone,
Actually i have customized XP setup alot my OS with nlite. But recently i have seen an other customized xp. I have also contacted its creators for further info but they haven't shown any response. Can Anyone Here tell me how to customize XP installation like this.

Screenshots are attached.

Thanks in advance

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Hey Striker,

This one had me curious, after a TON of searching I found several sites that had partial information. Then I hit the gold mine!


This site has a very detailed breakdown and step by step direction. I would be very interested to hear how this turns out for you.


Thanks you Zelkea ,

This One Works. I have Also searched a lot on internet about this topic but all were useless,

Thanks for finding this.

No problem, glad I was able to help, don't forget to close this thread. :)

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Thanks Again Brother...

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