Hey guys,

I just reinstalled Windows on my machine, and the sound is SUPER quiet (barely audible).

Here is what I have:

  • Speakers (that work and use external power)
  • Asus P5S800-VM mobo (yes the AC'97 is enabled in BIOS)
  • Up-to-date drivers (freshly installed; I tried reinstalling no change)
  • All sounds bars are maxed out in third party software and in windows sound panels

I have googled for hours trying to find a solution to this problem. I'm pretty much desperate, having trouble working without my music haha :P

Thanks PO

What version of windows are you using?

Bah sorry, Windows XP SP3 (fully updated and legit)

Have you got a codec pack installed? If so, which one?

hey Rik,

I tried it, no change unfortunately. Any other suggestions?

Test the speakers with something else. Then try manually uninstalling and re-installing the audio drivers in device manager. If you get no change then perhaps the preamplifier chip on your motherboard is faulty?!?

Is this a built in sound card into the motherboard?

If so, maybe you could buy a cheap PCI sound card like I have. (I forget the model sorry) but it's by Creative Labs.


speakers work fine with other mp3 and laptop, sound card is integrated.

It worked fine before I reformatted...hmph.

Hmmm... Maybe your audio port (on the back of your computer) is loseing connection with the jack for your speakers...

Try cleaning it out maybe...


soundlike your audiocard built has a problem, try extrnal sound card,,,, hope it will for you...