I have a terminal that for some reason will play the shut down tones that go along with shutting a computer down. The weird part is the computer never really shuts down. I have no idea why this is happening and I have no idea what to look into. All the power save and hibernation it turned off.

Does anyone have an idea or direction you can point me into?


1: It could be a virus
2: The tones that are played when an event happens are controlled (and this can be changed in the control panel) so that normally shut down plays the shut down tone, but it is very easy to change so that for example the shut down tone plays when a certain key is pressed or some other event. Check out the sound area (tones )in the control panel.

1) Many years ago this computer did have a virus but I believe it was removed completely. Might have to dig deeper.

2) I do not see anything unusual in the control panel with sounds. I am not sure how to set the sounds for different applications. Everything looks the same as the terminal next to it.

I cant remember XP but in control panel and then sounds and then there is somewhere the start up sound etc (do a search!) can be changed
in this area you can set whatever sound out of the whole range for whatever event.

I know where the sounds are but I am not sure what is triggering it randomly. I have gone through the list and there is nothing in there that looks like it is triggering it other than exiting windows.

I'm looking into the virus route now. Running MBAM to see if anything looks weird.