O.k. I reinstalled Windows and there was no errors! however, after I installed AVG 2011, the corruption errors re appeared again! So I uninstalled AVG and I ran chkdsk and the errors dissapeared! So I guess my problems were all caused by AVG Free edition!

I'll still run chkdsk to make sure that the errors are gone...

So, now I'm stuck with a new problem: Should I download the newer version of AVG Free 2011 or look for another trustworthy anivirus/antimalware/antieverything program.
(I would like to have some sort of real-time protection to stop attacks in their tracks too.)

Any suggestions?


Er.. dodge AVG. Avast? Avira? Comodo? All available free, all good.

May be your hard drive contains bad sectors in it.

Thanks for the suggestions on the Anti virus! But... My hard drive has the allocations unit problems again so I brought my computer into school again for a more in-depth diagnostics and repair.

Now I'm upset with my hard drive and I'm looking for a straight answer now...

What is causing this!!!!

I'll try to repair it my self so I won't be able to post much any suggestions to the problems are welcome.


Alright! My computer is finnaly fixed!

After 2 weeks or repairing and testing, I found the problem! My HDD. So I put in a newer 80GB drive and it works.

Thanks to everyone who helped!


P.S: If anyone uses chkdsk and it says something about "Fixing errors in the volume bitmap", ignore it as I found out that the chkdsk utility can report false errors sometimes. Only trust chkdsk when you are useing the chkdsk/r option!!

You can check your power , but i think it's a bad disk

Who knows if it was a bad disk... All that matters to me now is that my computer is functoning again!!