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hi, when having this problem with ie6 you use to beable to right click on the ie icon and chose open maximized , or using you mouse drag the 4 corners to fill the screen,then fo to file and chose exit ,maybe ,i use ie9 so i cant check what im saying


Have done what you suggested butit will always defaults to the original fault I described in mt first post,but many thanks for the reply,if you have any more suggestions I would be gratful


try this it works with my ie9

go to start/ all programs /right click on the ie7 icon ,then one in the list of all programs ,not the quick link icon .[this icon gives me the run command then desktop one dosn't because its only a shortcut ] go to properties ,you should see run command make sure its set to open maxamize.hope this isn't to confusing


ty for the reply checked properties as suggested and it is set to maximum,wht is it I always get the odd fault lol

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