Is it possible for me to connect two headsets (A USB and an Analog type) in one computer? If Im going to use "Splitter", does the sound quality will be degraded?

Any helps, suggestions, comments will be much appreciated.
Thank you guys

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I'm not sure that a usb and analog will work together, as I must presume they will use different sound cards or different recording/playback settings on one sound card. Best is to test and see.

I use a Y splitter on my analog, and it works 100%, as long as your splitter has a stereo jack.


Yeah I also use a Y splitter as well and now use the Y splitter on quite a few things around the house.


The USB headset will probably not work along with the onboard sound output. IF you use windows, usually only 1 device can be active for sound output. Go with the above suggestions, and get a splitter. Costs all of $1.90 at radio shack.


Thanks for all the replies.. Yes I agree, only one output audio will work with the two headsets. But the two microphones work both.

I also want to get the Y splitter. But there's no available Y splitter here in the Philippines.


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