About a week ago my computer just started randomly rebooting itself. I play an online game and noticed at one point that sometimes it wasn't actually rebooting, but the video was just going out. I figured that there might be a problem with the vid card so I took it out and am using the onboard vid but the problem is still going on. At one point it would reboot, and as soon as I selected a user account to log into in Windows it would reboot again. This has stopped for the most part, but now there are more problems.

I'm noticing now that I can no longer have multiple users logged into Windows at the same time. I am also unable to access many websites that I would normally have no problem with as I frequently surf them, sometimes multiple times a day. I have some programs that just don't open anymore either when I double-click them, though I can see the computer is processing the request to open it.

I have run Adaware, Spybot S&D, Microsoft's Antispyware, Norton AV, Norton's 1 Button Checkup, Errorkiller, and numerous memory tests to find that there is no problems.

If there is any other information (which I'm sure there is) that anyone might think is useful for me to supply to get a better idea of what's happening here please let me know so that I can provide it. Any suggestions on what I can do next to try and resolve the issues would be greatly apprectiated.

I want to add, other machines here at home are able to access those same websites with no problem.

Well... with no answers/suggestions yet, I decided to just re-image my machine using the Recovery CD and it appears that everything is fine now. So I can't say I fixxed the problem since I never found out what it was, but it's fixxed.