Recently my system has crashed.After re-installing it(windows xp) I found the volume control icon missing from the task bar.To restore it I opened control panel->sound and audio devices and clicked on the option "Place volume icon in the task bar". It gives an error message "windows cannot display the volume control on the task bar as the program has not been installed.to install it,use add/remove programs in the control panel."
But in the specified folder I cannot find any installation wizard or anything.How can I fix this problem?

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install the sound device drivers first, or it can with your mother board drivers :|


and where will i get that driver?

as azmmy posted, it would be on your motherboard install/driver disk if you still have it .
is you computer a band name like Dell or Compaq ect ect .if so what make and model # is it id it a custom build[no-name] what is make and model of the motherboard

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