Need info on a HP computer. It has windows Xp. Want to put second hard drive from another computer on it This drive has windows 98 se on it. How would this work. Dummy here as I have not done any changes in a while

Trying to run a Windows OS that was installed on a different computer normaly doesn't work. All the drivers to all the devices including the mainboard aren't correct anymore etc...

But in general it's no problem to have several OS's running on one computer - I have three: Win98, WinXP Prof., Suse Linux.


Drop in the drive, but you will need a bootloader.

If you were to install XP after 98 it would automatically install a Windows bootloader. But adding 98 to an existing XP will not.

You can try Grub, Lilo or just Google bootloaders...

The 98 drive will go through a device driver setup routine and reboot a time or two but should be fine.

If you have broadband and you are having trouble figuring out bootloaders, make a small partition, download a LiveCD like Mepis or Knoppix and when you install it it will setup lilo or grub for you and as a bonus you get to check out Linux...

I think plugging the drive with win 98 on secondary slot will have no problems. But I dont think it'll be dual boot. It'll boot from win xp.

It will boot from windows XP if you don't tell it to do otherwise. I tried to fix an OS that I broke by dual booting with an older drive with 95 on it. (needless to say, it didn't work very well) But I found out how they boot. If you have it defined to use XP, and XP breaks, it'll look for another one. If you select your boot options, while loading (it changes depending on vendors) you will be able to switch through all the OSs on your system.

If you want to install the older HD, try just putting it in. IF (big if) everything works right, don't touch it. If not, try changing the drivers out, etc.