i have netbook with 4gb ssd for windows installation.
i need to reinstall it so the documents and settings is on main hard drive (100gb) and program files are also on main drive.

got my xp installation, and I extracted iso into actual folder with winrar, searched for WINNT.sif
i put the following commands under the unattandedgui section: ProfilesDir = D:\
Programfilesdir = D:\
then i took the folder and rebuilt it with imgburn and i got the edited iso to boot.
then when installation came, i chose to install on ssd 4 gig, installation was going good, then reboot, error came saying: setup log file corrupt, please provide more information fatal error. and some other error i forget.
i tried this with two other copies of windows that i had, but it still doesnt work?
how do i modify the windows installation unattanded to change profiles dri and prgoram files dir to different path?

i already read the kb article on profiles dir and it didnt help.

also i think i have to put programfilesdir under [UNATTENDED] not the gui unattanded part.
i will also try to put actual name
but it is so weird that id have to put actual folder name, youd think that it would make an actual directory named programfiles and documents and settings already?

okay i read a guide on how to do it:

i got another iso of windows xp.
extracted it with winrar
looked at the new folder that was extracted, searched for WINNT.SIF
edited with notepad: under the [Unattendedgui]
i put profilesdir = D:\
and programfilesdir = D:\
saved it
went to imgburn
and i built a iso from the folder again
it said i had to get an image from the actual iso, so i mounted the iso(the original one) on a virtual drive, extraced the bootfile and added it into my new project
and then i made the new iso using iso9660(cant remember exact iso format) and joliet
burned the new iso on to disc
booted it in the netbook
reformatted ssd and main drive
reparitioned unallocated space
installed main windows installation to ssd (since i had the winnt edited im thinking that it would place programfiles and profiles on the main hard drive (D:\)
did the normal install
got error

i tried everything here and then when i went to install i got this:
setup has failed to install product catalogs.
how do i fix this?
i tried the kb article on renaming catroot2 to catold but it always says access is denied

Why try to circumvent Setup's rules? Do you like pain and frustration?
You ask why should you give ProgramFilesDir a directory name... well, you do simply because it wants one. And place the commands in their correct sections; when Setup wants something for a stage, it is going to look in the corresponding section.
Here is the guide : http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/19/
Believe it.

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