The backup battery in my HP Pavilion 526x desktop is dead.
I have read through the manual and it states it is there, but not the location.
Does anyone know where it is?, so I can replace it.
I have to leave power to the PC now, so as not to lose date and time.
I only plan to keep the computer through the next year, and then upgrade.
Any help, is much appreciated.


The Backup Battery they are talking about is called a CMOS Battery and is located on the motherboard either behind one of the panels that can be removed on the bottom of your laptop or hidden inside the laptop where only a technician who knows how to disassemble the laptop can reach to replace it.

Try checking under the panels if you haven't already. If it's not there, I'd recommend finding a reliable Tech Center and inform them your CMOS Battery is dead

The CMOS Battery's primary function is to save BIOS Configurations and power your on-board clock.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Waffles,
I can find it on my own, just needed to know where to look.
Thank you for informing me of the correct term, CMOS.
This is a desktop btw.
Exactly, the Bios Configs and the time and date are what changes if I power down.
So far I have been leaving the CPU powered all the time.
I power it down, and open the body of the tower and see if I can locate it.

No problem,

My bad I answered a couple laptop questions and I was fixated on them, sorry.

If it's a desktop, then it should be a silver circular watch battery on the motherboard generally in the bottom right portion of the board.

You can pick up a new battery pretty much anywhere. It doesn't have to be the same brand.