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It's most likely that you either have failing ram or hard drive errors.

Run error checking on your hard drive to begin with!


1) do what Rik suggested
2) Tell us how many ram you are using and your disk space left
3) do a virus scan to check whether virus is causing this problem
4) Use another windows computer both the same version like both are running windows xp. Try running multi poster 4 and see whether any error occur on the computer
5) Try googling help and see whether other people around the world are experiencing this problem. if there is help follow it of there is not something is wrong the software
6) Whether it is compatible with your windows version and update all your drivers

I am not really a windows expert so i can giving you some basic tips to identify your problem first. Good luck. You can confirm it with either capperjack or rik, both of them are real windows expert


I cannot boot in cd what shoul i do to format my computer i think it is a virus that making my computer crazy...

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