I have set up a map network drive .. But now after restarting the system there is notification in the taskbar it shows the network drive is not connected and also while trying to access the map network it asking for the password ..

I tried to store the password in manage network password option under User accounts ..But the problem is after restarting the system the fields shows empty ..

Hope u got it .. any solutions ... Thanks in advance

I have seen it do this before. Only solution I have found is to remove the mapping and then recreate it and make sure you have the save password selected. Either that or give the user permission to view the share and set the password th theie windows password.

I tried this but not working ... Also there is another account in my pc and its connecting the drive .. onlly the current acount has the same problm

whenever i ran into the problem - removing the computer from my domain and rejoining it, and making sure that the users account was in the share permissions and the security permissions for the folder fixed it

not sure if this will help you.