One of my computers recently crashed.
Fortunately, the .pst file was saved so not all is lost. However, I am considering not installing Microsoft Outlook on the new computer. It seemed to take over too much of my system.

A couple considerations:

If I install Outlook Express instead of the full-blown version of Outlook, will I be able to access the saved .pst file? I really don't need everything; the main things I want are phone numbers, addresses, and various other information from the bodies of the emails.

If I move away from Microsoft entirely, and get a Linux machine (or even if I don't), can anybody here recommend a third-party product that can view the emails in the saved .pst file? I don't have to edit the file, or anything else--just view the existing emails in the file.

Any suggestions?

Thunderbird PST Import plugin is a open source utility to import selected folders from a .pst file under both Windows and Linux. This just might be the thing you'd be looking for.

Mailbox Reader is best software for view outlook file without outlook.Thanks

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