Greetings fellow geeks!

I'm in a pickle over here and I've been searching the interwebs for an answer but I can't seem to find a solid answer.

So here's my thing, I have a Nvidia GeForce GT 220 graphics card and I have these three monitors that I've been yearning for to hook up to my computer to get a sweet set up going: WoW on one screen, facebook on antoher and a movie on the 3rd. That's the dream...for now.

So my graphics card has three slots in it; 1xHDMI, 1xDVI and 1xVGA. So I figured this was just as easy as 1+1, well it wasn't. I connected my primary monitor with a HDMI cable and the two extra displays with VGA and DVI. Then I go into Nvidia control panel and go to the "Set up multiple displays" tab and there I have the options of Dual View (and some other choices) and choose which displays I would like to use, and there I can clearly see that my computer is picking up all the monitors since I have the option of which two I would like to use but not all three. And I can't seem to find a way to make it possible and the only answers that I've found online are that I have to get some PCI card or something like that.

So is that the only way to do this? With buying more stuff? I was hoping there was a software out there that could enable this triple monitor set up.

(I knew three monitors was too good to be true!)

Well any advice is well appreciated, a thank you in advance.

Oh and I'm running on Windows XP.

Is this what you are looking for.
I have never use before three monitor together so i can't offer any good advice

I believe that you will need a second card to run 3 monitors.

On the other hand, if you had an AMD(ATI) card, 3 monitors can be run off the one card.