hi all,

I am using TOSHIBA satelite 200 and I have windows XP.
few days ago my fully charged battery discharged in 5-10 mins.
now when I started my laptop beep sound comes continuasly, then after some time the XP logo appear and then the screen look like "raining" . nothing will display nicely then i have to rebbot my system ...
meanwhile when any new window will open the beep sound comes it will stops when I deleted temp files.
now I reinstall xp but the beeping still comes.

i can't find is the problem of hardware or software..?

plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Beeping sound indicate hardware problem. I would check the RAM first. It is located at the bottom of the notebook. You need to open a small cover with a screw driver. Give the RAM memory module a good clean and test it 1 piece at a time. If it is not the RAM than it could be the graphic card problem which I am unable to help because it is built on the motherboard. Hope this help.

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