ELP! Ok long story, I will try to be brief. Monday, my Ipad was stolen. I tried to change every password I have, but I knew they would still be able to see my email. At the time, I had gmail and MSN on my ipad receiving messages. I created a second hotmail account, so my ipad would not have that on it. Both worked fine for a few days. Today, my phone was not getting email and I just tried on my computer. I cannot access my original MSN account no matter what I do. I enter that user id, I have tried to reset that password to see if I can get in. A code is sent to my phone, I enter it. Says it is reset, but when I log in, it only takes me to the new hotmail account. That has one email. My original MSN account has Lots of emails I cannot get to. I don't know if this is some weird fluke with MSN, or if whoever took my Ipad somehow got access even though I changed my password.

Please help!!!


So, If there is a better place to put this, let me know. I couldn't find what I thought was the perfect spot. Update:

OK, I am in my MSN account, but it is almost like part of it has been wiped. I don't get it. My contacts are still there, and I just got a couple of new emails there, but all my folders, (recipes, pictures, to save, school, etc. ) are gone, along with ALL old email. The only two are the two I just got. I am hoping they are not TRULY gone and they are on the server somewhere. So, do y'all think this has something to do with MSN, or the lost Ipad and the nefarious person who took it?

I'm going to mark this as solved. At this point I am convinced it is an MSN server problem.

There have been a number of apparent hi jackings of accounts at MSN and hotmail. Users unable to access them (as if the passwords were changed but I agree it may be a deeper problem and the thread is not going any further!