how recover window xp session like firefox when i open firefox and died my laptop battery firefox open automatically last opened page,,,,,,,,,like i wanaaa auto open my last program when my laptop battery dead????????????????????how i got with any sotware or setting?????

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Use windows hibernate option....

i already use hibernate
but when by battery suddenly dead and i closed my laptop so i lost all my all opening program how to recover session???????????????

in firefox go to history and click on "restore previous session"

in IE9go to Tools,and click on "restore last browser session"

YOu can only do what capperjack said if you browser settings are set to remember all history. In firefox or other browsers, some allow you to change the preference settings. Example firefox have settings that do not remember history or custom settings for history. Take note if you use private browsing, the browser cannot recover your history. And also do not use so many question mark in a single post.

dear jingda and capperjack i cant ask about fire fox i ask about window xp
when my laptop shutdown with dead by battery then i lost all opened program so how can recover that like fire fox recover feature what i will use any software or window xp has any setting

i know English is not your spoken language ,but had you said "like firefox does", we would have known what you meant ,sorry i know of not way of doing what you ask

You mean recover all the applications that were running before your laptop shutdown. Am i right? YOu can go and check recent items. There should also be a recent folders. In recent items, you will see the application you open and use recently. About recovery the data the application use, i am afraid i can't help you.

ok thanks all,,,,,,,it ok i think its impossible

Have you tried going to recent items to see the recent applications you opened?

Have you tried going to recent items to see the recent applications you opened?

they likely know what applications they were using ,they would like to be-able to simply click on something and instantly start them all up the way it was when it crashed

I was thinking maybe going to recent items and click on the recent apps they might recover what they were doing before it crashed

i know it has all history but how can click one button to recover it then all last open program in their last condition will open like firefox recover option button

like gmail it save you session in every 1 min if you net discount this you will open it from draft as its last condition

That i think is not possible. Good luck in finding a solution

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