Have seen some articles on running windows server from a USB drive. Some of the articles are not as precise as one would want. I ask the following:

1- Can Advanced server 2000 or server 2003 be run from a USB drive
2- Is there good documentation on the steps to do so

Guidance sought

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Hey mnewsome,

Are you going after a portable OS? If so I have not seen anything by MS like that. If you are not looking for a portable os, you could run a virtual machine off a USB drive. I currently use virtualbox made by oracle it is free and is a great application and has been rock solid for me.

I would try bartPE. Microsoft doesn't support this so you will not find anything from them. You can find a lot of things for it, but mostly they are "Read" only bootable images. It is because there is a problem with USB<->OS during booting. Something about disablig USB, which basically kill booting. I tested a while a Vista booting from usb, which worked (not read only image). So try higher version of Windows, it could have been fixed...

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