I have a one and a half year old Dell computer with Windows 7. It was working fine before I moved. It was shipped to me and the speaker that I plugged into it does not work and the headphones for it do not work. What can I try to do to get them working? The volume is up on them.

COuld be they have been damaged, just in case to be sure, try grab a pair of headphones from a friend to test, else it could be a corrupt sound driver or damaged sound card

CAn you hear them when you use a ear piece if yes then the speaker is spoiled and needed to buy a new one. If you can not hear anything from the ear piece as well it might be a computer issue or the audio port. Make sure all your drivers are up to date, if they are not go and get the lastest updates. second thing make sure the audio port is working well. If yes then the problem is a computer one. Go to your control panel and selet sound and other devices ( Just look for yourself then ). Make sure all the setting there are normal and you can hear sound input and output. You can do a test by confirming this by going to youtube and watch any random video. Turn on the volume and see whether you can hear any sounds from the microphone area. Next do a virus scan to check it might not be a virus related issue.

Try plugging them into another pc or similar to determine if the speakers/headphones are damaged or if is the pc itself. If the speakers/headphones work fine, (which I'm betting is the case), I would suggest right clicking on the audio icon in the systray and selecting playback devices, then make sure that the proper audio device is selected as default.