Hello for all

i want to collected data from pdf form inserted in excel spredsheet

i try many methode and some program for (PDF to Excel) but not work

i have acrobat x pro and my pdf form (text,number ,pictures).
and get data for all it's possible

if any body have idea

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You can try software like this to convert pdf files to excel and later on delete those data you do not need. Just a few suggestion.

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any body can do it or have idea i will pay to him

for program or any way to do it


So you are looking for help without using a software or am i wrong? I am getting confuse.


i am looking for help by software, programming or by any way

i am tired with search about any good program, i know this feature can do programming by vb or c# to make program interface, connection with database and report but i want use a pdf file

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