vista home premium
Adobe CS5 Design Premium
Acrobat X Pro
Dell desktop (silvery gray):)
Everything on my machines is properly licensed and registered.

EVERY time I launch Acrobat X Pro I get,
"MS Visual C++ Runtime Error
Acrobat X/.../Acrobat.exe
This app has requested Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way."

It runs when I hold down shift and click the icon, but with very limited functionality. Adobe knows of the problem, its all over their forums. I've tried everything suggested there and have contacted CS, and they say the same stuff that is posted on the forums. Then they say its a windows problem, not an Adobe problem, and I should go bother them.

Or buy a Mac.

Anyone solved this PITA?



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I've uninstalled, moved and tweaked Acrobat X several times.

Is there a specific MS Visual C++ file for each program? Where do they live?


Under services, please make sure "FLEXnet Licensing Service" turned on and running. I got same error message until I figured out that I manually turned off this service.

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