I am completely puzzled with this issue. When my friend's laptop crashes (usually from overheating), no matter what network he is on, the network will crash until his computer comes back online. This is particularly frustrating when we are LAN gaming and his computer overheats (because it is a crappy laptop) and everyone else playing completely loses connection to their servers.

A few notes:
- He is running windows 7 on an HPG70 laptop
- This occurs on ANY wireless network, N or G.
- This occurs even after a clean format, so I know it isn't a virus.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have no clue how this could happen since he is no longer connected to the network when his computer crashes....

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Well let's deal with the overheating issue first. Have he solved that? Tell your friend to use a spare laptop if he has one and continue playing lan game. See whether will the server crashed.

Let's get this straight. You said your friend laptop will crash when playing LAN, and when he starts up his laptop the whole network crash. Your other friends including you starting to get disconnected right?

We can keep his computer from over heating by directing a fan at the bottom of it. It crashes whether it is LAN or an external server. His computer is never the one hosting the game which is puzzling. His computer is only connected to the router wirelessly. Not only the game goes down, but the internet as well.

Any ideas?

So when his laptop overheats and crash, the network crash. thus you guys cannot play games and cannot access the internet as well right? Ask him to try connecting to the router using an ethernet cable and see whether the problem occurs.

When he is plugged in it crashes as well. :/

Don't let him play.

Who owns the router? Do you have a modem when playing as well? Who is connected to the router when you guys play the game? Try using a different OS.

Well, this occurs on any router we play on, whether it's mine, his or someone else's. A different OS doesn't really work since we're playing online games, and the idea of his computer trying to run a game through wine on a linux distro makes me want to cry. :(

I think something is wrong with his network drivers, or maybe he have some network "optimization" stuff running that is causing this problem.
See if you can find some new network-drivers for his laptop, and try to disable any special stuff he might have installed to change network behavior.

Also, I am puzzled that his laptop is able to crash "any" router that he connects to.
Have you tried to update firmware on the routers.?

If none of this works, you can also try to disable everything but "TCP/IP v4" on his network adapters. :)

How long has this problem occur? It seems like can be something wrong with the driver like JaKob have said or something wrong with his wi fi card. Maybe it needed to be reinstall again. What websites he usually access when the router crash, beside the game.

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