I like to respond to online newspaper articles and when I respond I get multiple (Usually3) comments in the response area. All the same comment, just printed out 3-4 times. They frown on the multiple responses. Any ideas how to fix it?. I've used both Firefox and Explorer both have the same problem, so maybe it's in my XP. Do you know if when You respond in explorer does it go through outlook express to get to the comment area? Do you have any idea how to fix it?

Hey Jbander,

Outlook express would not be used at all the only thing involved would be IE or Firefox. Which site are you using? One thing that I have seen cause this problem in the past is network latency. I would be curious if the same thing happens at another location on another computer.

I can't really say that its an issue of your xp. I believe that you are not clicking on the button twice. One reason can be a disrupted internet connection.
Is it the same situation in every website?

The problem is the Echo commenting system the paper uses. It's quite buggy. I have had this problem with every paper and TV station that uses it. It also reports a failure to post error, but then posts anyway - 3 times.

When you submit a post, do not try tu "hurry it up" by clicking more than once on the submit button.

agree with @kraai after clicking once u have to wait for some times it still nothing is happen then refresh the page and then again try to submit and also try do same in some other browsers too..