Here it goes. I had been doing some video editing. I left my machine because it was taking a long time. When I came back avg virus program was on and said it had encountered a virus. I know for a fact it had not but something in one of the programs triggered some reaction because my avg wouldn't work properly. I had to shut it down. Then my pinnacle studio 8 shut down. Things weren't working properly and I had to restart. When I restarted my mouse it wouldn't work. I went to install it with my disc but everytime I put it in it went to hydravision and not my mouse drivers and software?? My usb on my dell flat panel don't appear to be working right now. I finally got my mouse to work but when I go into devices on the device page the choices keep on blinkingl. There are no yellow marks or anything. What does it sound like? Do you think I should reinstall avg? I think I may need to reinstall my ati all inwonder software and drivers. I may even need to reinstall pinnacle studio 8. Help

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It sounds like a virus or spyware issue to me. Yes I would try to reinstall avg and scan your computer. Forsure run spyware and virus scans. See what comes up. May not even hurt to run hijack this and see what you can find. The automated sites are pretty good in my IMHO that read the logs for hijack this.


No virus. What it was was a conflict with programs. The video editing program is very memory hungry and when a virus scan started it sent my computer into chaos. Now after uninstalling and fixing a couple of things it works great again.

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