Im going to install Windows 98 Second Edition with 2.0.Net Framework and Internet Explorer 6.0. Only that, NO more. Is my computer fast if i do what? Will it be slow after 3 years? I only going to use IE 6.0. Not install or anything. Just surfing on facebook and hotmail.
Will it be fast or slow on surfing on the net?

My computer is a 766mb RAM 1,53 GHz Athlon XP CPU. Kinda old, but works great.

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? will it be slow after 3 yrs

will it be still working after 3 yrs ,it should work ok,as far as being fast ,was it ever fast .if so then it should still be ok ,for sites that work with ie6

you will find a lot of internet related apps,and websites are not compatible with IE6

futher to Caperjack most of what is done on the net is controlled by the speed of the connection. if you use either dial up or ADSL most computers under five years old will not notice any difference in speed of operation until they get the software on board the computer (and cease to be a terminal to the site.) Once that happens the speed is controlled by many factors and adding ram if you could find some would certainly help but it is never going to be a racer!

Indeed. I used to have Windows 98 SE only about 8 years ago with 200MHz of CPU and it did pretty good on the internet. I know the internet has changed since meaning that the internet requires more CPU and ram to use these days. Eg. My netbook 400MHz is barely able to surf Wikipedia and you will find that new features on the web today such as Javascript, Java, Flash, CSS version 3 will slow down your processing time or will simply be too intense to enable. However judging by as you say a 1.53GHz processor (I shall assume single core as this is probably an old computer) then you should be able to execute Javascript and CSS however you may find some Java apps and Flash scripts may not load correctly. And as long as you keep on deleting files in C:\windows\temp\ which are older than 1 month you should be fine for over 3 years. Also if you were to sign up to a new ISP I would recommend one with at least 128kbps to get the maximum benefits of your processor.

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