I accidently ( means I didn't know what I was doing) deleted stuff yesterday, and now am unable to boot up system.Whenever I try, it goes to safemode, which then tells me" registration/configuration error- Run SCANREG to correct". But then nothing happens and all I have is a gray screen with nothing on it and no way to run anything.I tried to use safemode and find other way in, and remember finding one message saying XMS cache problem.
As you can tell, I'm very computer illiterate, and need step by step instructions on how to resolve this problem.
The computer I'm having a problem with is a desktop Dell Dimension and I'm running on ME. Or I was prior to this, not running anything now. I'm sending this on my laptop.

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I was just gonna suggest what was suggested above :)

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why dont you just do a restore

why dont you just do a restore

if you read the link i posted you would see that its about doing a restore

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very good info

Hy. I runned into that damn problem too. And after days of searching I finally

found this software: Long Path Tool.

It's GREAT. You can find it here: http://www.deletelongfile.com

There are several third party restoration software available in internet ,
just download is and try restoring your deleted files

yes download any one of the third party software to restore any type of file easily

If you are looking to restore files, I use Undelete-which is part of Glary Utilities
(which is free) try that out. If you are looking to restore the registry, use the Windows 98 built in tool 'Scanreg' to try and fix the registry.

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