Hi guys,

I've got a problem. After undoing a system restore in Vista, and coming to bootup with a black screen and just a mouse pointer, I decided there was nothing left to do but to reload windows XP and maybe then later install the Vista upgrade. I installed XP fine and everything works, but everytime I start my computer I get an error message saying Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to restart. Something like that. Anyway I click on the button.. I think it was.... OK, I forgot, and it reboots explorer.exe . How can I stop this message from coming up everytime I start my computer?

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I guess it's a conflict of restore points between Windows XP and Vista. If you create restore points for all your partitions in both Windows XP ans Windows Vista, probably both Windows write the data to the same location in the System Volume Information folder and thus when Windows XP starts creating its points, it clears the exisitng points made by Vista. You can look what is stored within the point storage folder by doing the following:
1. Open Explorer and find the System Volume Information folder (preferrably on the boot partition, that is where you have your Windows folder stored in)
2. Right click on that folder and open its Properties dialog
3. Open Security tab and click the Add button
4. In the Select Users, Computers and Groups dialog type the name of your account and click OK to close the window
5. In the Properties window select added account and check Read checkbox in the Allow column to get able of reading the directory
6. Close dialog box
7. Now you can open System Volume Information folder and browse its contents
8. When you will finish with revising folder contents open the Properties window again and remove your account from the list of accounts permitted to use this folder. Don't delete SYSTEM account as your will restrict system from accessing the folder by doing that.

Look this article to get more info about how to gain access to System Volume Information folder.

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I think you've got it wrong. I reformatted the hard drive and put on XP. And everytime I start the computer I get that error message.

OK. What you see in your System log? Open Start\Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Event Viewer and then open System. Which items do you see having red icons?

Wow erm... I have a lot of crap in there. Erm.. there are lots of Red Icons called Error for Service Control Manager, there are some called ftdisk, System Error, NtServicePack, DCOM, Windows Update Agent, SideBySide and Dhcp.