I been getting random pop up ads coming up and the pop up stopper software aint helping with all of them. I tried to run an up to date anti virus and got nothing. Anyone got any ideas?

Use Kazaa lite for your pr0n ;)

what about the norton and mcaffee popup stoppers? (i.e. in the norton internet security package?)

You're running a firewall, right? Just seems that if you didn't know about a popup blocker or adaware, you might not have a firewall. Hope you do. ;)

i've heard the new google toolbar is going to have a popup blocker in addition to several other features. i think they are offering a beta version now.

i've heard the new google toolbar is going...

Argh Google toolbar. Talk about a privacy issue. It's almost like spyware. With the toolbar installed, they can access their own server at any time and pass information, as well as keep track of every page you visit. This is no secret. Check out Google's Toolbar Privacy Policy: http://toolbar.google.com/privacy.html

Boo hoo. Google was my favorite search engine and now you just burst my bubble telling me they're all spyware and mean and stuff.

I used to looove GoTo but it seems that since they switched over to Overture, I don't get as good results with them.

It's still the best search engine I think. (You should still use it, but not the toolbar.) Quick results, no popups, no picture banners. I know that within time, a company will spread its logo feces all over the site. It's just a matter of time and... money.

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