I just got sent a trial version of XP embedded. I wanted to know if i could fix it with the current files i have. Or maybe someone has a way to fix it. Either way let me know.

I'm confused. What do you mean by "fix it" ?? Are you trying to reinstall it? I'm confused ... I can help you if you give more info as to what you would like to do.

Ummmm, you know.....fix it. I haven't installed it, it is a trial version.

CRACK, went the egg, as it hit the sidewalk.

Lemme know.

Ahh, gotcha ;D

This isn't exactly a warez site, so you really should visit somewhere else. Be my guest and contact the ppl here who provide email addresses/screenames who might be able to help you, but we don't tolerate talking warez on here.

Sorry, but you're on your own for this one

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