I was trying to integrate the help files into my Nero 7 programme (they are only included. Not in the programme itself), and I messed up, so I uninstalled the programme the regular way in windows. After I was finished I ran a search for Nero filenames, and up came a list with not only Nero 7 but also Alot of Nero 6 files including one 4.4 GB temp file. :eek: Since I have been looking for more space, I ofcourse wanted it gone :mad: . I tried moving the whole lot to the waste bin, but only a few would delete and not the temp file. I got pissed off :evil: and ran CCleaner with options enabled that go way beyond my abilities. It asked if I wanted to make a restore point, which I did and then deleted the whole lot. After that I had No problem deleting the files. :)

I think everything is allright and open IE for browsing and I just get Page cannot be shown :surprised I close IE and restore what I have deleted with CCleaner then restart IE still won't work. I try running Limewire, It's up and running within a minute, so IE is the problem.

I Use Systemrestore and back up to before I removed Nero 7. Restart, IE work fine now. Actually the whole PC is running better than ever. Except for Nero 7.

And now for a real problem
I can't remove Nero 7. It says "Shell currupted" and then "Serious uninstall problem Uninstall aborted" (I have translated from danish as best I can, think it's about right)

So I try repairing it instead, using the repair option in the install file for Nero, It analyses which parts to repair, but when it's about to start it's aborted too saying "Shell - database currupted or missing"

I have never heard of the shell database, so I have no idea what to do now :cry: :cry: :cry:

Is that something you can download and replace or is it as bad as I think it is, sounds like something serious. I really need my Nero to work :cry:

My specs are:
Toshiba Qosmio F10-136
Pentium M 1700GHz
512 MB DDR ram (I think)
Windows XP Home (Media Center Edition) SP2 installed with all updates that just might have any relevance to my PC-use
NVidea G-Force 5700 GO
Soundblaster Live Platinum

The extra features I used in CCleaner:
System: Chkdsk file fragments
Advanced: Custom files and folders
All of Registry Integrity and all of File Integrity

All help will be greatly appriciated. the sooner the better :o

If there is any info I may have forgotten, please write in a reply what that might be, and I be here again ASAP


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Thanks for the superquick reply :D
Fast, Easy and most of all Effective
Everythings back to normal. Reinstalled Nero 7, no problems at all.

This is by far the best forum on the entire internet A+
Once more Thank you. May your life be filled with joy and happiness :D

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