The issue is occuring on my other house computer which runs on windows 2000. When i tried to start the computer up it would open to the windows page, however i could not click on any desktop item. I also could not open the start menu. When i did ctrl-alt-delete to shut the computer down, it froze. Finally a box came up for explorer with the option END NOW on it. Is there anyway i can get my computer to work? I've been trying to find someone with a windows cd and serial code so i can just start the computer new, however i havent had much luck. As of right now i can't afford to purchase a new windows cd. I had found windows boot cd's which claim to repair windows. Would one of these work? Or is there anything else i could do?

Thank you in advanced,

please try to run it on "safe mode". start up the computer after the the bios shows up push the key f8 it will allow u to select safe mode goto it, after ur in right click on "my computer" icon and goto properties select the system restore tabe and restore it to last week's date or b4 when it went down on u.
this problem maybe a virus affect. if you can download ad-aware and install into this system and kill everything that ad-aware sees.

I tried starting the computer in safemode and the same problem occured.

can u try booting upto dos command only. and see how that is if not then below instruction.
well, i'd probably would want to make sure that all hardware connections are secured such ass keyboard, mouse, video, and whatever else u got connected to the computer. if all those things are connected and the same event takes place. i can only assume ur bios needs to updated first, and still no changes, then u might have a minor hardware problem.

You will probably want to do a reinstall of Windows. Since your computer didn't come with Windows 2000 disks, did it come with system restore disks of any kind? If you get your hands on a Windows 2000 CD, use this guide to do a repair install of your system. This will prevent you from having to reinstall everything.

how do i open the computer in the dos? An unfortunatly when i was given the computer i did not get a windows 2000 disk, or a system restore disk.

There technically isn't a way to open Windows in DOS-mode. In order to repair your machine you will need to get a Windows 2000 disk or installation disks for another operating system (such as Windows XP). There reason for this is it would seem that some of your system files were corrupted. The only way to fix these files is to repair them from a source that has good copies of them (the installation CD).

i was able to get a windows xp pro disk from a friend, however when i put the disk in obsoultly nothing happens. Im unable to open my start menu to try and run the drive, is there anyway to get the disk to work?

can anyone please help me figure this out? i dont mean to be a pain, but i am desperatly trying to get my computer up and running again.

try to turn on comp. Push F8 at menu pick last known good configuration. if that does not solve the problem then, u must reformat. there's no way out of it. either you buy the os disk or u can download a piracy one. that is where we stop talking about it.
if you can fixboot at dos command it may solve ur problem.

Pop the windows xp cd in the drive and reboot. Press del to enter bios setup(your bios may require another key to enter setup like F2). Under Advanced BIOS setup, there should be an item called as Boot Sequence. Change the setting so that the first boot device is your CD-ROM. Press F10 to save settings and restart your machine. This will boot off of your Windows XP CD. Follow the on screen prompts to install Windows XP.

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