Hi guys, I am having a funny problem. I have an ebook type thing that I am trying to open on my laptop (win 7), it is the kind of file you open with microsoft html help executable and it doesn't work at all. The file opens, I can see the navigation panel on the left but in the content panel it says: Navigation to web page was canceled"...now I can open that on xp fine so Iwonder if you have any suggestion.
I googled a bit and found sb saying that the extension .chm should be associated with microsoft html help executable which is already. ANy idea?
Sorry forgot to mention I have IE9

Uhm, problem solved apparently. I removed IE9 and went back to IE8 and it is now working...I wonder why though!

Hi Violet

I saw exactly the same error message after downloading a CHM file from the Internet...

"Navigation to the webpage was canceled"

The solution for me was to right-click on the downloaded file, select 'Properties', hit the Unblock button on the General tab, and then OK it.

This is a security feature that was introduced to help protect your system from potentially dangerous file types. You can find out more about this on Microsoft's support site:
Description of how the Attachment Manager works in Microsoft Windows

thanks, that's really interesting, didn't know that