Not had any problems up until this point. I changed some settings on services earlier, and then I noticed this problem: whenever I try to open a 3D game, the program will freeze. I have opened 3D programs like Blender3D and Quick3D fine, but games don't work. Assuming it was these settings, I did a system restore to just before I changed the settings (luckily the restore point had been made during a windows update, I think). I ran system restore to this point, but that didn't work.

In a minute I will run system restore to an earlier point (if it's fairly recent), and see if that solves it. However, I reopened the "Services" and "Features" settings programs in Windows, which reported that the settings were reverted, but the problem remained.

Also, when I open MSN Messenger (standard msnmessenger.exe), it won't open. I double click on it, it starts to open, then randomly stops completely, without reporting any errors. I need urgent help with this problem!


CPU: Intel Quad-Core (4 processors) at 2.50Ghz (each)
GPU: nVidia GeForce GT240 512Mb
OS: Windows 7 Home-Premium 64-bit edition

Thanks for your time :)

Update: System restore to two nights ago, when everything was normal. MSN is fixed! Still can't play games. All (commercial/decent) 3D games won't run, also Cortex Command doesn't run. It's a 2D game but it uses lots of particle simulation. I have also noticed that my computer hasn't been performing as well as it used to. It boots up in the same time, but once I've logged on, it takes ages to load my icons and any programs opened in the first 3-4 minutes will be slow.

have you tried re-installing your OS? my gut says you might have bad memory. try removing all of the RAM, then install and run it with 1 stick of RAM at a time...

Well that wouldn't affect the 3D games. I looked at the memory monitor in the task manager program and it looks fine in there, and everything still realises that I have 4Gb. It may solve the bluescreen, but that hasn't come back yet. I'd rather not install the whole OS again...

try several things like...
1) remove your video card, blow air into the PCI-E slot, make sure all contacts on the card are clean and re-seat it.
2) check the running temperature of your card. nvision should have a setting that will show you that. temp should be below 100 C. did you modify or OC the card?
3) see if you can get another video card, even an older one to try and at least start a 3D game with, it may be a bad video card.

Sorry I can't do anything that involves opening the computer case, as I'll void the warranty. Doesn't seem too warn but I'll check the temperature. Games don't work even if I start the PC from cold (10hrs+ rest).

try running this 3Dmark benchmark on it, not for the sake of a score but to see if it can even run. if it fails or locks up you should call your PC manufacturer for a video card replacement. if it runs through the bench sequence then there may be some other issue with your game installation, OS installation or video drivers.

leave all of the default settings on 3Dmark06 and just run the benchmark. this is a free download, let me know what you find.

OK I will soon. Thanks. It's not a problem with the game installation as all games don't run.

Update: phoned the company that built my PC. Guy said he wasn't sure what it was, but I have received instructions:
1.) Make sure that the old Intel integrated graphics chipset is still disabled in the BIOS
2.) Continue with the plan to run the 3D benchmark software, or at least try to.
3.) Uninstall Nvidia drivers and software. Reinstall laters drivers from website.

Ran 3DMark06 with normal settings. Didn't have the payed-for version so didn't tell me my computer was running as it should, but it worked. Now I'm going to see if games do work again. If not, I'll update the drivers (clean install).

Clean install of latest nVidia drivers. Problem still persists. Re-installed one game that doesn't work. Still doesn't work.

this points to a bad video card most likely. contact the PC manufacturer for an in-warranty replacement.