I have had my Aspire notebook for about two weeks now and it is malfunctioning in a way I have never seen before (and I had a Dell before this, so I know lots of problems).

At startup, I open up the Windows screen after entering my password to get into my account. Now, picture the sound of the fan on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being nearly inaudible. Upon the appearance of my Windows account, the fan is at a 1 (as expected). As more and more programs load, the fan starts increasing to a 2 (no worries), a 3 (hmmm), a 4 (ok, not going through much stress here), and then as it hits a 5, where the fans are maxing the RPMs, my computer locks up and the only way to get any response is by holding the power button.

Hopefully, my explanation made sense. I came to Acer thinking that they would have a better product without paying for the Dell name and I am seriously questioning my thinking. Hopefully someone can put some reason into this issue. Thanks in advance for all help!

I suspect it's overheating. There is a pad between the CPU and the heatsink. It might be worth putting some heat transfer paste between the 2 to aid thermal conductivity. Also, make sure you give it a good dust out too!

Well that is the thing - it is a brand new computer, so I wouldn't suspect that there is any dust in there. Do you suggest I open it up and check it out to see if there are any obtrusions?

If it's brand new, take it back to where you got it from and complain!

Well I have, but I upgraded from Win 7 Home to Win 7 Ultimate and Acer wont help me out any longer - BS, I know! So much for trying to get better customer service from switching from Dell! GAH!

It's a hardware problem that you seem to be having, so they HAVE to sort it!

try to go to a technician to check your laptop it needs to replace the fan, have a free check up their so that they can help you more to that problem...