I never added contacts in the contacts menu, so when I push the letter 'a' for example in the to block a drop down list would appear with all the previous email addresses beginning with 'a'. I have got a new PC now but have none of those contacts.

I did a full backup of outlook to a .pst and restored it. All my mail is there but that drop down list is not.

Is there a way I can fix this?

P.S. I know it was stupid not to add the contacts. :o

Hi, Welcome to DaniweB

These are not actually contacts, but more of a previous history of sent addresses. Similar to when you add the start of an address in a web browser, if you have been to the site recently, it will auto-complete the address for you.

My advise, if you still have the old PC, is to copy the following folder, to you new PC.

c:\documents and settings\yourusername\[application data]

([...] represents a hidden folder, in order to view hidden folder, go to the Tools menu in "My Computer", and select "Folder Options" - go to the View tab, and select the check box next to "Show Hidden Files and Folders". Press Apply and OK until closed).

The best thing to do, is copy the entire contents of

c:\documents and settings\yourusername

As this will restore all you preferences.

Regards, MMF