Friend of mine is working on making a Bank Database in Microsoft Access.

After trying different validation format, we failed to get exactly what we wanted.

We did the setting for "Account Number" as "AutoNumber" & set the format in the way, that every time the new record gets created, this "Account Number" keeps on increasing by one (which we did by having "New Values as Increment"). However, since account number we want needs to be at least 5 digit long, I wonder how do we go about doing so ??? (attachment can be seen)

Furthermore, in another table, we want to set some sort of format for "Credit/Debit Card" in the way, that it has to be 16 digit long with "space" after each of the 4 digit i.e. in the format "0000 0000 0000 0000" & we wish this to be "Auto Number" & New Values as "Random", however, when we tried we kept on getting "-" sign in front of some of these "Credit/Debit Card" number, once we start typing other details. Additionally, what we want is even if we type in say "1000100010001000", some sort of format/validation automatically changing it to "1000 1000 1000 1000" (i.e. space after 4 digits) & we also want validation, which means the digit should NOT go over 16 & should NOT be less than 16.

Can anyone help in getting what we want in both of these cases i.e. the "Account Number" & "Credit/Debit Card".

see if there is initial vlue column,if there is set it to appropriate vlaue,else insert adummy record with a 5 digit account no.and next time onwards it will get incremented!

Keep the auto number field but format the output to a 5 digit length as follows: right(cstr("00000" & [AutoNumberField]),5)

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