desperately hoping someone can help me!

I am on a small wireless network with a Linksys Router. I have windows xp pro.

Saturday night, all is well. Sunday morning, can't get online. Network works fine, other computer on same network works fine.

I run a virus scan and note multiple viruses which are Java related. Stupidly, I delete them without noting their names.

My wireless connection works fine, signal strength excellent. I hard wire the connection to the router, enter the primary and secondary DNS, etc. BUT, my browser can't connect. My outlook can't connect. I can't ping yahoo.

I disable all connections and then dial up to my ISP. Connect just fine. BUT, my browser and outlook still can't connect. I take someones suggestion to delete my wireless network connection and re-make it: I Can't! The "delete" is grayed out!

I have no idea what is wrong and I am not very experienced with these things. It appears that some of my settings have been corrupted and that I am unable to reach/identify connections to the internet. I have noted that when I rey to "repair" my wireless connection, it says can't renew the IP. When I go to the support part of the wireless network tab, it says "invalid IP address" and then has zeros for everything. What this means I do not know.


When your computer can't get an IP address, either the computer can't properly communicate with the router or the router's configuration has the DHCP server (the part of routers that gives out IP addresses) turned off.

It doesn't sound like you've changed anything, so maybe your router just had a bit of a hicup. Turn off both of your machines, unplug the router, and turn off your broadband modem. Wait a couple of minutes. Turn the modem back on and let it fully initialize (takes about thirty seconds). Turn on the router and let it initialize (takes about thirty seconds again). Then turn on your machines and see if that cleared up the problem.

If that didn't fix your issue, we are going to have to figure out what went wrong with your configuration and what caused the change.