Hi i got a laptop Dell inspiron 1526. It's been working well until i got a virus AntiVirus System 2011. Then it's been giving me the BSOD of TCPIP.sys Origins... I'm getting deperate. Please help!!

What is the current state of your system? Have you cleaned the virus from your computer?

Also, are there any minidump files? Look for them in C:\Windows\Minidump

yes i pretty much got rid of the virus but it affected my computer with the BSOD.

Here are the last Minidump Files.. they are getting too constant

Try this: Start Menu->type "cmd"->right click then select "Run as administrator"->type "sfc /scannow." This command will scan for any software violations and try to fix them. Hope it helps.

hi i tried this, it gave me no errors, then the computer started to work fine until now that i got a BSOD again.... :(