Windows 7 operating system, computer is asking for boot disc at start up. I have updated BIOS to select hardrive but still not working. It doesnt come up with this error all of the time though. Can anyone help?

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Maybe because:
A) the boot sector of the disk has been 'destroyed'
B) the disk is not detected at all
C) There is no disk with valid operating system bootstrap.
D) the disk is 'broken'

You can try to verify the disk for bad sectors in another PC installing it as secondary disk. If the disk is not detected maybe is broken and may be replaced.

If is detected then run a CHKDSK /B in order to re-evaluate the disk for bad clusters, locate bad sectors and try to recover readable info and fix basic errors like jurnal, lost entries or recover NTFS indexes, etc. After that, try to moyunt the disk again in your computer.

If this did not work, you can use the Disaster Recovery Disk you created just after the very first installation of W7 in your computer to try to repair the disk.

If you do not have such a disk, then start from the W7 installation CD/DVD and try the recovery option.

If none of the preceding steps can help, then a fresh W7 installation with full disk formatting may help.

Hope this helps

> The disk may not be recognized by the system at start up
> The Boot Loader may be corrupt
>I would recommend you reinstall the OS

did you try putting the disk in and see if it would run the repair to fix the problem

The pc was bought secondhand, I do not have disc. Can I install another OS instead?

The pc was bought secondhand, I do not have disc. Can I install another OS instead?

you certainly can as long as its yours and not installed on another computer ,and there is also free linux
if interested ,

You can install any OS if you have the valid drivers for your hardware.

Hope this helps

hallo bro, when i turn on laptop, its always asking for : one of your disk need to check consistenly why ?

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