I recently updated and uploaded my website -http://www.chadwickenddominoes.co.uk -
via my webspace on Tiscali.

I use Microsoft Office Publisher to build the site.

I can view all six pages in Mozilla Firefox with no problems.

Now someone using Internet Explorer browser tells me they can only see the first page
and my own PC confirms this.

I cannot figure out how it works in Firefox but not in IE.

Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sam Watson

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Hey There
Im not a master in the Developer and programming side but Ive got some experience though. Nevertheless Im sure you debugged it with FF therefor it runs fine with all pages in FF. However what i assume you didnt do is you didnt debug it with IE's versions (or atleast not all the pages)
You dont say witch program you used to develope/code you're site but I know with VB you must debug it with all the browsers. Or thats atleast how we do it. FF, IE and Opera mostly.


I used Microsoft Office Publisher to buld the site.

Could you tell me how to "debug"

Sam Watson.


My apologies for not making myself clear . Debug means to preview the site as you are busy constructing it. Meaning that you need to preview (debug) it in each browser that you're clients/ visitors are going to use to browse you're site. Im not firmiliar with MS's Office Publisher but Im sure theres a preview/play button. Run the preview/ play (or whatever its called in MS Office Publisher) with the different browsers to see it the preview display is the same. If the preview isnt the same on each of the browsers...well than you know that you need to adjust it on each browser in order for it to display properly.


Following your suggestion I have previewed the website in each browser IE and Firefox separately and both previews show all six pages.

I then re-uploaded the website - the first page only can be seen in IE whilst all six pages can be seen in Firefox.

All six pages can of course be seen in my Tiscali webspace.

I made certain that 'disable script debugging' was not ticked in IE options.

Thank you for your help.

Still puzzled.


What version of ie are you running? I just viewed all six pages with firefox 3 as well as ie7


I recommend you use this utility to debug and see if that helps


edit: if you have not tried 7 in some time I think most of the problems are fixed. I had problems originally as well. Things like, I installed 7 and then couldn't connect to the internet etc - they are all fixed now. ( at least the ones I had initially, and I'm not talking beta either.)


Did you debug you're site with IE 6? I too have experienced the same with IE 6 (blank page)
For some funky reason it still does'nt display the page right. Ill suggest that you work with the more recent Browsers ie FF3 and IE7.
On a final note if the debug is right when you work locally then this should'nt be the case when you're uploadded the site.
ALternatively look at the first page when constructing and see if there's something on the page setup that might be missing on the other five pages.


Yes I did debug with IE6 as you suggested but it did not work.

I also tried the debugbar suggested by Rapture without success.

Finally I have as suggested updated to IE7 (with misgivings) and SUCCESS !

I now see all six pages in IE7.

I shall have to advise any of my members/teams/players with the IE problem to update to 7 or change to FF3.

ONCE MORE Daniweb helps me out.

Thank you.



I shall have to advise any of my members/teams/players with the IE problem to update to 7 or change to FF3.<<

I'll suggest you do so.


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