My Lenovo Laptop has XP-Pro and has developed a problem of not recognizing CD or DVD when inserted. The drive is Optiarc AD-75605. It used to work fine. I have reinstalled the system from scratch but no change. I ran Mats_Run.dvd as recommended by Microsoft and uninstalled/auto installed the device drivers but still not working. When I use Nero for burning Video, it keeps coming up with the windows to insert the blank media even though I have the media inserted. However, if I put the system in standby while it is looking/searching for the media and then wake up the system, it recognizes the media most of the time. Also it displays the autoplay window of what I want to do. It used to display this autoplay window whenever I insert any kind of media. Now it does not.
Device is recognized fine in every applications and there is no yellow warning in the Device Manager.
Please help!

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time to replace.

check the vendors website, see if there are any updated drivers even though your system says it is performing fine.

You may want to try the CD cleaner kit. It is available in most of the CD shop. It come with a liquid alcohol that apply to the CD brush and insert into your CD drive to clean. If you are technically sound you can dismantle the drive and use a cotton bud dip with alcohol and clean the drive head. Hope this work.

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