Well, this is embarrassing. I had to completely rebuild my laptop from scratch. I usually keep 3 or 4 items pinned to the taskbar and launch them with WINKEY-1, WINKEY-2, etc but somehow or other this no longer works. I really should know how to do this but I just cannot remember how to enable the WINKEY-# hotkey for the taskbar. Anbyone out there recall how? That's the trouble with restoring from images. You forget how to do the basic stuff.

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learn something new everyday ,it works on mine ,and i never set it to do it , so it must be default ,from left to right they are numbered from 1 to how ever many you have on the taskbar


found it ,open gpedit ,i think
start /gpedit.msc in the search field and open it 'in fo on web was for winxp but it was there in win7 also .
Start - Run
User Configuration --- Administrative templates\Windows Components\Windows
Double click "Turn off Windows +X hotkeys" and set it to "Not Configured"
your may say turn on as it maybe turn off ,or this may not solve you problem .

also never thought we had so much control of such things on my computer

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That's what I thought except when I do WINKEY-1 or WINKEY-2, neither of the pinned items starts. Just noticed another strange thing. I never used to have to log in to DaniWeb on every visit. My session was "remembered" through a cookie. Now I have to log in every time. Hmmmm..

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